Holloway Hexol Household Cleaner & Deodorant 16oz

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Professional Quality, "Trusted over 75 years"

  • For bathroom, nursery, and feet
  • Original concentrated

Made in the USA


For a fresh clean smelling bathroom:

  • Mix approximately one tablespoon to a quart of water in a washbasin.
  • Dip cloth or sponge-wipe over fixtures to quickly clean and deodorize.
  • Pour a little in toilet deodorize.

Nursery care:

  • Clean crib, bassinet, toys with one tablespoon per quart of water.
  • Pour a little in the diaper pail to clean and deodorize.
  • Put a little in wash water for clothes.

Hot tired feet:

  • Mix a little in a pan of warm water.
  • Put feet in, move them about for quick, comforting relief.
  • When finished rinse feet with water.