About Us

Welcome to OvermyCounter,

My name is Eddie, I've began motivated in making a website that specializes in providing varies products that benefit individuals in health and their beauty. I believe passionately in offering great prices and excellent services which is why I commit to treating my orders as if the buyer were at the counter. Provide excellent service, simplicity, and a enjoyable online shopping experience. 

Mission: Offering varies products from our shelves at a great price than turning them over to the buyer. Hence our name "OvermyCounter", it's our selection of your interest and lovable price. 

We began when we notice the takeoff of online shopping than we decided that we should be able to make an online shopping experience even more enjoyable and simpler.

Our goal is to list your items of interest at a great price and under great service as if you were "here" standing in front of the counter. We will assure your convenience by ordering from us.

Shop through your selection of products at great prices. Great service, Fast shipping, and Simplicity for your convenience.